ROLL CALL: Madonna & Britney To Reunite?

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Brit & Madge To Reunite For “Circus” Tour?: Following their show-stopping appearance together at Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” World Tour stop in LA, fans just might get to see Brit and Madonna perform together again during the upcoming “Circus” tour, according to Britain’s The Mirror, as reported OK! Magazine. “Choreographers have been asked to create an out-of-this-world dance routine for Britney and Madonna… This is going to be a high energy dance routine - getting back to what they are both good at, performing,” the Mirror source claimed. The pop reunion might just be speculation at this point, but we sure hopes it turns out to be true!

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Rumored Couple Watch — Clooney & Paris Getting Friendly?: 2009 has just begun, but the wonderful and painfully outlandish celeb rumors have already begun! Britain’s The Daily Mail claimed that George Clooney and Paris Hilton had dinner together at West Hollywood’s Dan Tana’s just before Christmas and speculated that the duo might be an item. Until we see proof, we’re calling this rumor just more faux celebrity shenanigans!

More Likely Couple Watch: In a romance made in sitcom heaven, “How I Met Your Mother’s” Jason Segel and “The Office’s” Rashida Jones were spotted by People recently enjoying dinner at LA’s Chateau Marmont. Jason reportedly picked up the tab. We’re calling them a cute comedy couple!


Tyrese’s Words Of Wisdom: “Transformer’s” star Tyrese Gibson has bypassed the celeb blog trend for something a little more old school. The actor has set up a phone line where he can impart his words of wisdom and other things he’s promoting, E! Online reported. After two calls, we’re still not sure what he was rambling on about, something about his new favorite band on MySpace…but for all you hardcore fans, call 818-287-8968 for some riveting Tyrese-isms. We’re hoping the actor gets a DSL line and a laptop soon!

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