Rodarte Now Online at Net-a-Porter

While Rodarte might be the ultimate insider's favorite when it comes to fashion brands, the label is shockingly difficult to find in stores. When one does find it in stores, said store is often only stocking a portion of the collection. While all this likely adds to the brand's buzz factor, it certainly makes shopping for Rodarte difficult.

One's options online have, up until recently, not been much better. Opening Ceremony has proved a stable partner for the brand, but its online options run a decidedly quirky gamut.

Today, a lot of that has changed: For the first time in Rodarte's history, it is now available online at a major e-commerce retailer, Net-a-Porter. The site debuted six pieces from Rodarte's spring collection this morning, including two of the dazzling patchwork pieces from the line.

What's interesting about the Net-a-Porter partnership is that it really marks a major step in bringing Rodarte -- an relatively small brand with an immense influence within the fashion community -- into the mainstream retail world. That has benefits and drawbacks: On the one hand, anyone with a credit card and access to the internet can buy a dress from an insider-favored spring runway collection. On the other hand, the astronomical nature of Rodarte's prices is now exposed: The embroidered blue dress that's made it onto the pages of almost every major fashion glossy (with no price featured on the page) is now revealed to be a whopping $9,105. Similarly, a printed silk skirt is $2,325. A simple, ladylike blouse is $2,045. Make no mistake, the Mulleavy sisters -- the designers behind the brand -- are artists, and that artistry comes with a cost.

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