Silver Spring Fillmore Developers Eye 2011

Plans for a new music facility are on the fast track

Miss Universe

Silver Spring may soon be the new Rock-ville.

The developer of a music venue in downtown Silver Spring, Md., wants to speed up the building process and open the facility in September 2011.

Lee Development Group is behind the proposed Fillmore music club. It told the Gazette it wants to break ground on the 28,000-square-foot club by October. Keep in mind, this project still needs approvals and building permits, which can take years -- not months -- in Montgomery County.

Enough with the boring politics; what you really care about is what the Fillmore will look like. Its designer, Live Nation, is envisioning a three-floor club that can hold 2,000 people. Live Nation manages other Fillmores in cities like Denver and San Francisco, and this facility would be similar.

Lee Development Group donated the land for the Fillmore. In exchange, it will have 15 years to build an office and hotel facility across the street.

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