Robert Griffin III's Final Press Conference Before Training Camp Goes Off Rails

Robert Griffin III was made available to the media Tuesday for the final time until next month's training camp, so those in attendance made sure to coax whatever remaining morsels of information they could out of him to satiate themselves for the next six weeks.

That's when the RGIII Express went off the rails and crashed into Crazy Town.

Once the questions regarding his health were out of the way, Griffin was asked about Kirk Cousins' (and his own) singing, his upcoming wedding and, unfortunately, Tim Tebow.

On Cousins and the aforementioned singing (asked by News4's Dan Hellie):

“We talked amongst ourselves in the QB room, and we get on him about it. Like he said, at his high school that was cool to do. I know it wasn’t cool in my high school. We have plans to play that during training camp.

“We both sing a lot. I love music. He’s told me that many times, that he thinks I’m a better singer than he is."

(He declined to sing.)

On Tebow signing with the Patriots (asked by ESPN because of course it was):

“I think it’s good. I mean, I always root for guys, especially quarterbacks, as odd as it sounds. I’m a quarterback-friendly guy, so I try to root for them, that they always succeed. I hate to see a guy out on the street, no matter what position he plays. Obviously Tim is a very passionate player, so it’s good that someone stepped up and signed him because they feel like he can help their team. I wish the best for him.”

On his upcoming wedding and honeymoon:

“I have no say. Basically, that’s just how it rolls. I’m just trying to make sure [fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat] doesn’t become a Bridezilla. She’ll be fine. I’m doing little things here and there behind the scenes with the groomsmen. Little stuff for the wedding, she’ll set something up and ask me if I like this or that. Sometimes I actually have a choice, and sometimes it doesn’t matter what I say. It’s her day. She’s gotta enjoy it.”

And scene.

I'd personally like to apologize to Jim Vance for further inundating the news cycle with more RGIII coverage, especially this story, which is actually coverage of RGIII coverage.

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