Restaurant Association Has (Live) Turkey

Do Not Eat

The National Restaurant Association had turkey today. Mmm, delish!

OK, more accurately, it had a live turkey, who was hanging out in a tree nearby and probably only narrowly escaped with its life.

The turkey -- who was not roasted, brined, seasoned, or otherwise immediately edible -- was not injured and appeared to be OK, so Animal Control let it continue to do its thing.

A wild turkey was also spotted yesterday at Vermont Avenue and U Street NW. We're going to assume this is probably the same one, since there probably aren't all that many wild turkeys hanging around D.C. on a given day.

The Restaurant Association, located at 1200 17th St. NW, is a good 1.5 miles from the turkey's haunts of yore (a.k.a., yesterday). That's a long walk... and no, of course the turkey didn't take the Metro -- he would have had to change at Metro Center, and everyone knows that's a pain.

Of course, unlike the top-heavy Butterballs raised for Thanksgiving dinner, wild turkeys are able to fly. We hope he gets a move on soon to more comfortable and infinitely safer digs.

Meanwhile, Restaurant Association employees continue to go hungry.

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