Redbox Keeps Movie Lovers in the Black

Instant Gratification for Those Craving New Releases

Are you too busy to keep up with Netflix? Too sporadic to know what you want to see in advance? Redbox DVD rental machines offer the instant gratification of a trip to a video store without the big price tag that often goes along with a video store rental.

Redbox machines are located in many area grocery stores and McDonald’s locations. The automated touch screen allows you to browse the machine’s available DVDs and rent on the spot for $1 per night. The best feature for those on the go is the ability to return the DVD to any machine.

The Redbox machines offer new releases and often entire seasons of popular TV shows and exercise DVDs.

The only drawback to using Redbox is its occasionally limited selection. Redbox is designed for the spontaneous movie watcher who wants to see a new release, not those who are looking for an older or niche genre movie. Additionally, the machines often run low during popular movie watching times like weekends and rainy days. Some of these availability issues may be alleviated by browsing and renting online at Redbox’s Web site before going to pick up the movie.

Every Tuesday, Redbox machines are loaded with new DVDs, and the older ones are eventually cycled out.

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