Pretty People on Vintage to Buy for Fall

We know regular retail stores need to order new merchandise each season, but we were wondering, what about vintage shops? To find out, we spoke with Annie Lee, owner of Alexandria's Pretty People, who leaves for her fall buying trips this month. Lee told us she's going to Vegas and L.A., where she'll be shopping for vintage that complements fall's most contemporary styles.

What were Pretty People's best sellers this summer, and what do you think will be popular next season?
Annie Lee: Whenever I carry '80s pieces they do really well. A couple years ago the geometric '80s and color blocking did well, and this year the preppy '80s look is coming back. Older women are horrified by the return of the '80s, but young girls put a really cute twist on it.

Feather jewelry has also been huge this summer—earrings have been my number one seller. For fall, I'm seeing feathers incorporated into clothes too. So, for example, a sweater might have a tie collar with feathers, or a bag might have a feather ornament.

When you're shopping for vintage pieces for fall, is there anything in particular you look for?
I always try to buy basics: lots of leather boots and cool jackets. I look for outerwear that can be worn as a statement piece, so if it's too cold, and you don't want to reveal your outfit, you'll still look cute. And I always have my eye out for great jewelry. This year I'm seeing a fluctuation back to silver tone jewelry, as opposed to the gold tones that have been popular over the last couple seasons.

What vintage looks do you think are going to translate to fall this year?
One trend that is really taking off is the return of '80s and '90s-style bags like vintage Dooney and Bourke, vintage Coach, and smaller, cross-body bags. I was at the flea market this past weekend, and I swear every girl had a small cross-body purse. Girls have gone away from big, slouchy hobo bags and gone back to just carrying the essentials. I don't see girls in this area with Chloés, Pradas, and Guccis like I did three or four years ago; they're all reverting to a bag that's under $50.

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