One Way Ticket to H(angover)ell

Local bar offers free rides for interns ... with a catch

As if it weren't easy enough to get broke, overworked college students into a bar, Gin and Tonic is now making it a little easier. Every Tuesday night at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., the Boomerang Bus and their -- we hope -- sober drivers will pick up interns on the corner of D and 2nd SE (for the future alcoholics of America, that's three blocks from the Capitol) and take them up Wisconsin to be deafened by Akon and T-Pain remixes.

All you have to show them is your Hill pass or student ID, and the ride is free. Boomerang's tagline is "We'll get you there, but we can't take you home," also known as "Have an enjoyable hour-and-40-minute walk back."

By the time you need a ride home, your bus driver will be in bed with "I'm So Paid" still ringing in his ear.

Does anyone find it ironic that a bus called the Boomerang only takes you one way?

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