On the Red Carpet

The award ceremony was hours away as celebs started making their way down the red carpet, but it was clear that an early winner in the evening was purple. Christina Applegate (Samantha Who), who recently battled breast cancer, was another winner, sounding grounded, happy and looking like a golden girl herself.

Megan Fox, who was "on the verge of vomiting," spoke highly of fellow actress Salma Hayek. "I really want her boobs," said Fox of the Golden Globe presenter's globes.

Also of note was Marisa Tomei who looked like she just walked off a Pirates of the Caribbean set. Tomei said of her role in The Wrestler that she "was ready to take that risk." That could apply to her outfit as well. Unfortunately we were not ready for her to take the fashion risk.

And the loser? It's a toss up between Debra Messing's hairstylist who seemed to have channeled Diana Ross and E!'s "Glamastrator," a shameful use of a sports telestrator to highlight women's silhouettes and draw attention to star bling. America's Next Top Model staple Miss J gave a play by play for some of the moves, including J Lo's plunging neckline diagram... as if we couldn't spot that one ourselves.

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