Obama Backstage Photos Posted on Flickr

An intimate look at the candidate behind the scenes on election night

Barack Obama's campaign photographer has posted a series of intimate election night images on the picture-sharing website Flickr.

The photographer, David Katz, captured Obama as he watched election results on television seated next to his wife Michelle on a couch, with family and aides also in the room. Photos also show Obama watching John McCain's concession speech and later waiting backstage at Grant Park in Chicago moments before he would address supporters as president-elect.   

"Among the most striking things about these election-night photos is how calm both Barack and Michelle Obama look," Yahoo said in a message posted with a sampling of the images taken by David Katz, and reported by AFP.

"But calm doesn't mean inattentive. Only Obama knows what was on his mind, but you have to wonder if the reality of it all -- the history he was making -- is evident in the shadows of his intense expression."

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