NiteTalk: Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson Enjoys a D.C. Homecoming

Actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, known for her iconic television role as Tasha Mack in BET's "The Game," is back home. An alumnus of Howard University, Raquel Robinson has been busy since coming back to the District limits. From starring in a hit stage play "Cheaper to Keep Her" at Warner Theatre to hosting parties at Josephine Lounge to meeting with Council member Harry Thomas, Jr. to endorse a D.C. Arts Programs, Raquel Robinson is making sure she leaves her mark before heading back to Hollywood.

How does it feel to be back in the District? What's so funny is that we’re just coming into the city because we’ve been out shopping in Tysons Corner. Last time I was here, U Street wasn’t done so I’m really excited to see the city. I hate that Howard [University] is on Spring Break because I would love to pop by.

What did you miss most about D.C.? The weather believe it or not. I mean, I know it was crazy this season but L.A. is just hot or cold. We don't have any seasons. I also miss the people. In L.A., we’re always in the car. The West Coast is totally different.

How do you feel about your latest project "Cheaper to Keep Her," a stage play hitting Warner Theatre this week? I'm surrounded by iconic figures like Vivica Fox, Brian McKnight, G Thang and Jonathan Slocumb. That’s empowering in itself. I’m a fan and an actress at the same time. Being back on stage where there’s so much energy is exciting. ...It's like a homecoming when you're working with your friends. You're really free to play because the chemistry is already there, the trust is already there and you can just have a good time.

What can Washingtonians look forward to when they come to the show? Get ready to be entertained because [the story has] a great message about the intricacies of marital bliss or the lack thereof. It has great music, great comedy, great drama and some eye candy for the ladies ... and the men. It’s a little bit of everything for everybody.

The Internet was buzzing this week with the announcement that "The Game" was picked up by BET. This has been the fan's dream since the show went abruptly off the air last year. How do you feel about it? Me and my husband were in shock. It was something that we campaigned for and prayed for. BET was promising from the get-go that it was going to happen. My only hesitation is that we haven’t gotten our deals as actors yet. So I'm hoping there will be no hiccups. I can't really scream and shout the way I want to, but I'm doing internal somersaults. I just don't want to lose the integrity of the show. ... There’s nothing worse than coming back and it’s different.

What do you love most about playing your character Tasha Mack? It’s not that often that you get a role that you identify with and you love. And working with this cast that has become a second family and is so close is great. [Mack] is my alter ego. I’m pretty much a quiet person but I love how she's sassy. She’s a relief for me on so many levels. I love her. She stands up for her son, she stands up for women -- I can’t wait to see where she will go.

Wendy Raquel Robinson is starring in "Cheaper to Keep Her," playing at the Warner Theater until March 21. Written by award-winning writer and director Je'Caryous Johnson, "Cheaper to Keep Her" also stars R&B singer Brian McKnight, Vivica A. Fox and gospel comedian Jonathan Slocumb. For more information visit

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