New Obama Family Portrait Features Hand-Holding

New Portrait Taken in Oval Office Dec. 11

A new Obama family portrait features warm smiles and astonishingly abundant hand-holding.

We're impressed with any adolescents who aren't afraid to publicly hold their parents' hands, so bonus points to Malia... and Sasha, who is suddenly looking quite grown-up, despite the adorable dimple and her perch on Dad's lap.

Photojournalist Pete Souza snapped the new portrait on Sunday in the Oval Office, after the Obamas returned from church services.

It's safe to say this blows away the much more casual official portrait, snapped by famed celeb photographer Annie Leibovitz in 2009:

This time around, we're talking better clothes, better lighting, less-distracting background... and did we mention all that hand-holding? Sheesh. We're getting cavities here.

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