Top Ten TV Quotes Of The Week

With the Fall TV season back in full swing my friends and I have scoured the channels for the funniest, silliest, most engaging, dramatic or compelling dialogue on TV this week. Here are the Dish’s picks for the Top Ten TV Quotes Of The Week!

# 10 — “We could kill him and no one would know.” — HBO’s “Entourage”

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Guest star Eric Roberts (playing himself) to Turtle, Eric, Vince and Johnny while they are trying to relax in the middle of Joshua Tree as Ari Gold yammers away on his cell phone.

# 9 — “I’m a trophy wife!” – NBC’s “Kath & Kim”

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An annoyed Kim Day explaining what she does to her mom Kath’s new boyfriend.

# 8 — “Hey, this is what Edie and I do. We tease each other. I say she’s easier to get into than community college. She says my face looks like a knee. Its fun.” — ABC’s “Desperate Housewives

Mrs. McCluskey explaining to Edie Britt’s new husband Dave why she will not apologize to Edie.

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# 7 — “What you see here, all of this, vinyl albums they all become obsolete replaced with CD’s and digital music you listen to on MP3 players this big. And the sound is um, well its much worse.” — ABC’s “Life on Mars”

After walking into a record store in 1973, Detective Sam Tyler explaining to co-worker Annie Norris about life in 2008.

# 6 — “Yeah. Yeah. The hair. Its one of the things that makes me happy.” — ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”

Meredith to a patient who she has told all about her relationship with McDreamy. Upon seeing McDreamy for the first time the patient remarks, “you forgot to mention the hair.”

# 5 — “I told her. I texted her. I sent out a very emphatic Twitter. I even changed my Facebook status to ‘Sheldon Cooper wishes Penny would leave him alone.’” — CBS’s “Big Bang Theory”

Sheldon explaining to Leonard that he cannot get a suddenly video game addicted Penny to stop bothering him for help playing the online game “Age of Conan.”

# 4 --“Gentleman I want to just remind you one more time about time. We are going to have a larger deficit than the federal government does if we don’t get this under control here before too long.” – Second 2008 Presidential Debate

Tom Brokaw scolding Senator McCain and Senator Obama for consistently going over the time limits their campaign agreed to for the debate.

# 3 — “Can we not stop slinging mud around. We are intelligent women. There are enormous issues in this campaign. The country is terrified. The world is terrified and worried about the economy and these things I think are so irrelevant. Let us try to address their programs for the future and not sling garbage around on the side.” – “ABC’s “The View”

Barbara chastising the other ladies of The View for their constant bickering back and forth about Senator McCain and Senator Obama’s personal issues.

# 2 — “I just don’t want my employees thinking that their jobs depend on performance. I mean what sort of place is that to call home?” – NBC’s “The Office”

Michael explaining to Holly why they cannot fire Meredith for sleeping with someone in exchange for discount paper for the company.

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