Tressel Can Start Planning His Third Consecutive Bowl Loss

Texas has a good reason to get up for this game

The bowl selection of Texas and Ohio State to the Sugar Bowl is alternately disappointing (for Mack Brown's crew) and fairly thrilling (for Jim Tressel's Buckeyes). See, Texas beat everyone they were supposed to, with the exception of Texas Tech, who the Longhorns happened to lose to near the end of the season. Ohio State, on the other hand, got de-pantsed by Southern Cal in the third week of the season and then lost to Penn State in a close game.

In other words, the Buckeyes have, for all intents and purposes, done the same thing this year as they have in the past -- win against an easy schedule and luck out by not having any tough games to close the year, much less a Big 10 Championship game to play in.

They finished second in a freaking weak conference, pummeling third place finisher Michigan State 45-7 (yes, remember -- Michigan is just horrible this year) and for that they get rewarded with a BCS appearance. So, yeah, they should be thrilled.

Except they're playing a pretty cheesed-off Longhorn team that hasn't really started to complain how the BCS system is effectively screwing the best regular-season team of the year out of a shot at winning a national championship.

And even worse for the Buckeyes, Texas has a good reason to get up for this game -- a really, really strong showing by the Longhorns will give them plenty of reason to clamber about not getting a shot at a) the Big 12 Championship or b) the BCS Championship. And since I have zero faith in a Big 10 team coming out and dominating a Big 12 team that's fired up, I'll take the Longhorns by double digits in this one.

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