Dunkin' Dumps Dough into Crullers

Chain launches $10M campaign to re-brand carby delights

Cops everywhere, take a bite out of this -- Dunkin' Donuts is bringing back the good stuff.

The donut chain is launching a $10 million mission to re-focus the restaurant around the doughy delights -- shifting from its decades-long coffee campaign, the Boston Herald reported.

Higher-ups at Dunkin' think their donut sales can boom amid a recession, with Americans less concerned about carb-heavy creations -- and more about getting maximum flavor for a minimum price, according to the Herald.

“This was the first time in decades that we spent this much [in] the doughnut category,” Scott Hudler, senior director of brand marketing, told the Herald.

“It’s huge, and it’s on par with what we spend for other big promotional activities,” he said.

The Dunkin' chain has attempted to market itself of late as a cafe of sorts, offering everything from flavored cappuccino to chic flatbread sandwiches -- but Hudler said the chain's getting back to its roots to appeal to cash-strapped consumers.

“Especially in this economy, there’s a tremendous value in doughnuts,” he said. “And everybody is looking right now for the simple treat -- the simple indulgence -- and we feel that doughnuts fill that need.”

Donuts cost less than a buck at Dunkin' stores, so hungry patrons with empty wallets can get their fill on the cheap.

Ron Paul, president of restaurant-based accounting firm Technomic, told the Herald that consumers feel the need to treat themselves with sugary foods after a long day at the office -- or being laid off from a job.

“Consumers tend to look more for comforting foods and, as a result, going back to the basics like doughnuts makes sense,” Paul said. “A doughnut is an inexpensive food item, and it gives you a lot of taste and obviously sugar for not very much money."

Doughnuts only accounted for 20% of Dunkin's $5.5 billion in profits last year.

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