Counter Intelligence: A Hangover Cure, Pelts & DJs

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  • Golfers who use titanium clubs could be at risk for going deaf. The club creates a type of "sonic boom" when it strikes a ball and can shatter golfers' ear drums when they tee off.
  • A professor (and part-time DJ) claims that Stonehenge was used for raves. The 5,000-year old standing stones offered the kind of acoustics conducive to trance-like rhythms.
  • A blood poisoning antidote could also be a hangover cure. Researchers believe the bloodstream "cleaner" could remove alcohol from the system quickly.
  • Some species appear to be experiencing 'evolution in reverse.' Researchers say these anomalies are likely a result of hunting animals with the biggest antlers and pelts.
  • How much is HuffPo really worth? The New York Times reported last spring that the site was valued at $200 million. AdAge says it could be worth just $2 million.
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