Atari to Launch “Ghostbusters” Game

Atari asks - who you gonna call?

You, too, can be a virtual "Ghostbuster."

Video game company Atari will launch a new product featuring 1980s blockbuster "Ghostbusters," voiced by original poltergeist-pounders Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, the New York Times reported.

Atari is set to release "Ghostbusters: the Video Game," which will allow players to step into the shoes of Aykroyd and Murray's characters, as well as forgotten Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson.

The game will be released as the third "Ghostbusters" flick begins its earliest stages of development, the Times reported, and could help generate buzz around the new movie.

Aykroyd, who invented the franchise, helped to develop the game with co-star Ramis, adding a dose of original "Ghostbusters" dialogue to the Atari creation.

The game will be launched June 16.

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