Nationals Brawl With the Cardinals

According to eyewitnesses, the Nationals were involved in an in-game “brawl” during Monday’s game against the Cardinals.

The speculation is that it stems from an incident last season with Nyjer Morgan. During that battle, Morgan appears to get his butt kicked, so we're not sure what bad blood was left, but it clearly surfaced on Monday.

After each team beaned a batter, as teams are usually inclined to do in those situations, it was fair to assume that would be the end of the tiff. Apparently it did not end there.

“With his team trailing 4-2 in the seventh inning, Batista plunked Ian Desmond in the back. While making his way to first, Desmond jawed with Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz, who was walking behind him. Upon reaching first base, Desmond turned to the mound and yelled at Batista. Players from both teams poured onto the field, gathering around first base in front of the St. Louis dugout. La Russa, the Cardinals' 66-year-old manager, and Riggleman, his counterpart, had to be separated during the fray.”

Apparently it was a bunch of yelling and finger pointing and no punches were thrown, so it’s unclear whether this can actually be called a brawl. Ruckus maybe? Squabble? Hullabaloo? Yes, we’ll go with Hullabaloo.

In the end, no one was hurt . And Desmond, whose beaning ultimately caused the problem, was unfazed.

“Miggy throws like Miss Iowa, anyway,” he said.

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