National Mall Gets a ‘Location-Aware' Soundtrack


Scared yet? OK, don't be. Really. It's just that D.C. music duo BLUEBRAIN is releasing the first "location-aware" album tonight on iTunes, called "The National Mall."

The emotional sounds are transformed as you travel along the National Mall. "In fact, you must be on the National Mall for the album to even play," notes ReadySetDC:

Ryan Holladay told Wired, "For example, approach a lake and a piano piece changes into a harp. Or, as you get close to the children's merry-go-round, the wooden horses come to life and you hear sounds of real horses getting steadily louder based on your proximity."

They had us 'til the horse thing -- we just don't want those things to come to life.

Nonetheless, it's hard to argue that this isn't fantastically cool, and not a bad way to persuade locals to wander the Mall on their own. After all, when was the last time you weren't just there to shepherd your out-of-town friends or family members to and from the monuments?

"The National Mall" will be available on the App Store Friday at midnight, conveniently in time for Memorial Day weekend. BLUEBRAIN also plans to release location-aware albums for New York's Prospect Park and California's Highway One.

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