Metro Bus, Rail Ridership Takes Summer Dip

Metro ridership reported down in July

Metro had fewer riders on its buses and trains this past summer.  The transit agency blames the economy for the drop, according to the Washington Examiner.

Metro had 1.3 million fewer bus riders this July compared to the same time period last year. Metro expected a drop, but not by as much. It only anticipated 200,000 fewer riders.

As for Metro trains, riders took about 20.2 million trips in July. That’s compared to 20.5 million in July 2009. The transit agency actually expected slight gains for this July.

Metro’s Chief Financial Officer, Carol Kissal, told the Examiner that the economy -- along with unemployment rates -- contributed to the ridership drops.

Metro officials, however, don't think fare increases that went into effect in late June had anything to do with it, but a complete analysis is expected in December.

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