Love Nightclub in Danger of Closing

Officials consider turning off the lights at Love

One of Washington’s most popular nightclubs is in danger of closing down after a rash of violent incidents.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier ordered Love nightclub to close its doors for 96 hours after a stabbing on New Year’s Day.
The closure expires tonight, but officials have agreed to meet again on Jan. 13 in order to discuss whether or not the club, located at 1350 Okie St. N.E., should be closed indefinitely.
Police and city officials are reviewing the club’s violations and complaints.
The New Year’s Day stabbing is reportedly the third violent incident at the club in a week, according to the Washington Post. Nobody was killed, but a man in his early 20s suffered serious injuries. There have been no arrests.
On Dec. 26, another man got into an altercation with a bouncer and suffered a skull fracture. Then, the very next day, another man suffered a serious head injury.
"The club managers are responsible for having adequate security inside the club. The bottom line is someone brought a knife or some kind of weapon inside that club,” Lanier said.
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