Listen: Chopteeth's Afrofunk Big Band

Listen: Chopteeth’s Afrofunk Big Band was originally published on Black Plastic Bag on Dec. 03, 2008, at 5:33 pm

Remember Chopteeth? BPB reviewed ‘em back in October during the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival. They cook. They dance. The Korgans are fat. The horn section is beastly. And the protest (”Struggle”) generally takes a backseat to the party (”Upendo”).

Their LP is called “Afrofunk Big Band.” It’s great. And without giving too much away, I can say that it’s a prime candidate for the 2008 iteration of our Year-in-Review Top 10 List. Much of the credit goes to guitarist/singer/principal songwriter/recording engineer Michael Shereikis, though Anna Mwalagho contributes some songwriting alonside her exultant vocals.

So remember, folks: weigh your blessings. And check out the clips below.



“Fogo Fogo” (the lone Fela joint and the album’s only cover):

The fifth track, “Dog Days,” is available for free download on the Chopteeth website.

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