Lisa Rinna Reveals The Secret Behind Her Lips

Lisa Rinna is known for her plump lips and she has never wanted to talk about them, until now.

So when Access Hollywood'sNancy O'Dell was invited to her house, that was question one.

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"What did you have done to your lips?" Nancy asked.

"Back 23 years ago, my girlfriend and I saw 'Beaches' the movie and Barbara Hershey went and had collagen put in her lips and we thought that that was — as silly as it may sound — the coolest thing ever," Lisa explained. "So we did and we had some collagen put in. Well, collagen doesn't last so I got the brilliant idea to have some silicone put in because it lasts forever."

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"So you don't go and get injections now?" Nancy asked.

"No I don't and my lips don't go up and they don't go [down]," Lisa said. "They can soften it with cortisone and I've had to do that because it gets scar tissue and it gets hard. Do I regret it? I don't regret it, no. It's like a tattoo though you can't get rid of it. You can't really change it."

Now 45, Lisa has embraced her signature pout – revealing her best life and beauty tips in her first book, "Rinnavation."

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Inside, a revealing Rinna shares her life story including that she struggled from post partum depression.

After the birth of her first child, Delilah, with husband Harry Hamlin, Rinna says she began to feel depressed, and even suicidal.

"When I had it, nobody really come out about it yet," Lisa said. "I don't think Brooke Shields had come out to talk about it…. It was just so shocking to me that I just buried it and Harry just thought, 'She lost her mind!' I did come out of it and my second time around I went right on anti-depressants and it saved me."

"So how did you feel about the whole controversy with Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise?" Nancy asked.

"I respect everybody's opinion. I respect their beliefs, but being a man and not knowing what it feels like to go through it — how could you possibly know? I would say, 'Tom, you know, it wouldn't have worked with me any other way. That's the way I had to deal with it and thank god 'cause it saved me."

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