Neeson's First Role After Wife's Death is Titan-ic

Liam Neeson is getting back on the horse.

And that horse's name is Pegasus.

The British actor has signed up to shoot for his first new role since the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, in a Canadian skiing accident, Variety reports.

Neeson will play the uber-God Zeus in the remake of "Clash of the Titans," the Greek mythological tale of Perseus.

He has some big sandals to fill, as the role in the 1981 version of the movie was played by acting legend Sir Laurence Olivier.

Fellow Brit actor Ralph Fiennes will play Zeus' eternal adversary, and brother, Hades.

Richardson died on March 18, after hitting her head in what at first seemed to be a minor head injury sustained while skiing two days earlier at Mount Trembland in Quebec.

Shooting for "Titans" begins this summer.

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