Kara DioGuardi On Aruging With Simon & Contestant Joanna Pacitti

It’s only the third week of “American Idol,” but new judge Kara DioGuardi has already proven she’s an opinionated panelist. And, according to Kara, the head butting with Simon Cowell, who has attempted to silence her comments towards contestants on more than one occasion, will continue.

“Yeah, I would say so. Definitely,” Kara told Access Hollywood’sBilly Bush on radio’s “The Billy Bush Show,” on Tuesday.

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Kara said one reason she is emphatic about stating her opinion on the show is because as a music veteran, she feels she has plenty of knowledge to share.

“It comes from a place of, ‘I want to tell this contestant something,’ and you know, ‘Can you let me give her some constructive criticism?’ That’s what I do every day,” Kara said.

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One topic Kara has a strong opinion about is last week’s most memorable contestant on “Idol” – semi-professional singer Joanna Pacitti.

Joanna drew criticism after it was revealed that she had starred on Broadway (at 11), recorded an album for Geffen Records, and was filmed for an episode of MTV’s “True Life,” among her many accomplishments.

While many questioned Joanna’s right to audition, Kara backed up the 24-year-old brunette.

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“I do think it’s fair because she’s facing, actually, the same challenges and in some ways more challenges than some of the other contestants,” Kara, who recognized Joanna when she appeared before the judges during “Idol’s” Week 2, told Billy. “She’s been dropped from a record label, which psychologically puts you in a weird place, right? So, you know, that’s why I think she’s so emotional on the show… She knows what its like to actually get a deal and then be dropped, which is actually a terrible thing.”

When asked if she thought Joanna had a vocal advantage over the other contestants, Kara said breaking an artist is about more than just having good pipes.

“I don’t know that she has any more advantage than any of the other contestants ‘cause some of them are as good if not better.” Kara explained. “Just because someone was signed – the fight begins after you’ve been signed. You know, you’ve gotta find the great song, you’ve gotta find a great production, you have to have a great look and image and you know all these things that come into making a hit artist.”

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