Justin Timberlake's Reality Show Hits Airwaves

"The Phone" to premiere Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on MTV

Justin Timberlake's already mastered music, movies and the art of getting hot women like Jessica Biel on his arm.

Now, he's hitting the reality TV circuit.

Timberlake's new reality show, "The Phone," challenges contestants via cell phone to complete missions that could earn them a $50,000 prize. It premieres Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on MTV.

"The Phone" is an updated remake of a similar program based out of the Netherlands - Timberlake says his revved-up version, with high-octane thrills and crazy stunts, is like the Holland show "on acid."

"We take four people and put them through a game of hell, basically," Timberlake, 28, told People magazine.

Among the tasks? Climbing to the top of Seattle's Space Needle and blowing up a car.

"We make them characters in an action film. We constantly throw a curve ball," Timberlake said.

Timberlake, who's producing the show, helped develop the six-episode series earlier this year.

The pop star will also guest-host Saturday Night Live on May 9.

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