How Much Is $19 Million Worth of Coke?

We're not talking about soda here, folks

This may be a bust for the record books.

Police busted a couple of guys in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago Monday for having nearly $19 million worth of cocaine.

How much is that you may be wondering? More than 150 kilograms.

On Monday, officers from the Chicago Police Narcotics Section Squad C-4 got a tip about drug trafficking in the Little Village neighborhood and set up what turned out to be a very fruitful surveillance, according to a release from Chicago police.

The officers saw two people make a drug exchange and then seized 50 kilograms, or $6 million worth of cocaine, from a van reportedly driven by Anastacio Esparza, 39.

Police allegedly found another 104 kilograms in the home of Lorenzo Barrios, 41.

Both men appeared in court Tuesday on charges of drug possession.

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