Artist Spotlight: Hoobastank

Interview with Doug Robb, lead singer of Hoobastank

I’m not sure what I expected when I prepared myself to interview Doug Robb, the lead singer of the multi-platinum rock band Hoobastank. Whatever that was, the articulate and intellectually curious man who engaged me in conversation exceeded my pre-established opinions. With not a little bit of vigor and passion in his voice, here are the answers to five of the many questions I asked him. What does the title of the new album "Fornever" mean?
Robb: It’s not too clever. Fornever is a made-up word for forever and never. Some relationships are positive and amazing and some relationships are not. Not all the songs are about my personal experience. They came from close conversations with close friends. For the song “My Turn” you guys have a really cool viral clip with extreme sports. Are you extreme sports fans? If so, which ones?
Robb: The energy and vice of the song “My Turn” is frantic and aggressive. People who do things in the viral video are nuts. Actually, I really think “extreme” is a bunch of people in suits in a boardroom. I used to be a Tony Hawk fan but now-a-days I wish I were a changer of the world like Bill Gates. I understand Beck’s dad David Campbell arranged “Tears for Yesterday.” How did you link up with him and what was it like to work with him?
Robb: Dan (guitarist Dan Estrin) and I went to David Campbell’s house. We were stringing ideas together and we actually had no idea he was Beck’s father. I immediately thought he kind-of looked like Beck only older, but I really had no idea. It wasn’t until we were leaving the house that Dan saw these pictures of a kid who looked like Beck. That’s when we asked if he knew Beck and David said “Well I’m his dad.” You guys have been famous for a really long time, what are some crazy things your fans have done to get your attention?
Robb: They get tattoos with the band name and ask for signed body parts. Once, we were leaving a venue in New York and I was just signing stuff. This girl comes up behind me and hands me a sheet of paper. I sign it without really seeing it and then I look at it. It was a New York State Marriage Law License. Crazy. Any New Year’s Resolutions?
Robb: No to fast food. Those $.99 menus are dangerous. It’s hard to do though.

Hoobastank’s new album "Fornever" will be released Jan. 27.

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