Grab the Clutch

GOTTA HAND IT: Ruffles and rosettes aren't always so well-suited for grown-ups, even the ones pretending they're still, like, six (namely, us). But ruffles are getting a second -- or third -- wind this season, and you can embrace the trend with a budget-friendly accessory. The Big Buddha Sasha clutch ($48) showcases a gorgeous way of incorporating the whimsical little-girl style with something that's even functional. Hey, it comes with a wrist strap. There's also a tote-bag version, the Coco ($84). Colors include beige, sky blue, pale pink and sage green. They're available at all three locations right now, but we're told they're going fast, so you might want to call ahead first. GET IT: ShoeFly, 1520 U St. N.W.; 2727 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; 4731 Elm Street, Bethesda.

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