Go, But Don’t Drive to These Events

HU Homecoming, World Peace Fest shut down local roads


World peace and a college homecoming are taking over the streets today.

Yes, the Marine Corps Marathon is not the only event happening this weekend. Howard University's homecoming parade and the Race and Festival for World Peace are coming to the District's streets Saturday. Here are the road closures to watch out for...

From 10 a.m. to 12 noon, the parade will begin on 6th Street, NW on the Howard University campus and traffic will be restricted along its route on: 

  • Northbound on 6th Street, NW
  • Westbound on Fairmont Street, NW
  • Southbound on Georgia Avenue, NW
  • Northeast bound on Florida Avenue, NW
  • Northbound on 5th Street, NW
  • Eastbound on T Street, NW
  • Northbound on 3rd Street, NW
  • Eastbound on Elm Street, NW
  • Northbound on 2nd Street, NW
  • Westbound on Bryant Street, NW
  • Northbound on 4th Street, NW to the “Valley” where they will disband.

Howard's homecoming parade, featuring Grand Marshall Taraji P. Henson, is bringing musicians and actors from across the country to the District. Local personality Steve Harvey kicked off the festivities Friday.

Meanwhile, the Race and Festival for World Peace is underway and the following streets will be closed from until 5 p.m. today: 

  • 21st Street, NW between I Street & Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue, NW between 20st & 21th Streets 
  • I Street, NW between 20th & 22nd Streets

The finish line will feature a cultural festival with the music, art, and food from an array of countries, according to the race's website. About 1,000 people are expected to participate.

In addition, there will be rolling closures along the race route:

  • Start Point : I and 21st Streets, NW
  • Right on 19th St, NW
  • Right on Constitution Ave, NW
  • Right on 21st Street, NW
  • Left on Virginia Ave, NW
  • Right at F Street, NW
  • Right at 21st Street, NW
  • Left on E Street, NW
  • Right on 20th Street, NW
  • Right on Virginia Ave, NW
  • Left on 21st Street, NW
  • Left on Constitution Avenue, NW
  • Left on 19th Street, NW (heading north)
  • Left on I Street, NW
  • Left on 20th Street, NW
  • Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
  • Finish Point: intersection of Pennsylvania Ave & 21st Street, NW
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