Get “Lost” at Lost Boys

The difference between a guy who dresses like a waiter and a guy who looks like James Bond is all in the details.  At least that's what Kelly Muccio, owner of the DC based men's clothing boutique Lost Boys says, and believe me, any old guy who walks into Lost Boys will walk out a James Bond ... whether he wants to or not. 

Lost boys offers its young shoppers smartly tailored clothing and, of course, free drinks to top off that James Bond look.  Serving  in-store drinks is part of the hip lounge atmosphere that has become the boutique's trademark, as well as a larger trend in the retail business. 

Retailers are increasingly adding free drinks to their services, in an effort to encourage male shoppers who tend to go in and out of a store, to linger, relax, and thus buy more, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Shoppers have been responsive and since the cost of alcohol is minute in comparison with other brand-building strategies, the gimmick seems to be successfully boosting revenue. 

And if you're under 21, don't bother using the old "I need a new suit for my cousin's bar mitzvah" excuse to get free booze -- retailers also told WSJ that they use extreme discretion when deciding to whom they offer drinks.  Meanwhile, I have to ... um ... get my dad a tie or something.  Lost Boys carries ties, right?

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