Gay Marriage Can Be Fun

Combat Fred Phelps and co. with humor

When same-sex couples go to the D.C. Superior Court's marriage bureau Wednesday to apply for a marriage license, they'll have company.

The Westboro Baptist Church, led by founder and pastor Fred Phelps, plans to picket what they call "fag weddings." From the WBC's anti-everything website:

Make no mistake, you will have fag marriage in this nation - you put Antichrist Obama in your White House, so this is all that remains in order to bring the wrath of God down upon you without any remedy! However, no matter what you freaks say, the Standard of God is this: one man, one woman, for one lifetime. All other marriages, or relationships of a sexual nature, are improprietal and all fall under the term called "Strange flesh."

(Hmmm, would commenting on Phelps' use of the word "freaks" be redundant?)

But Phelps and his followers won't just be facing gay couples hoping to get married at 500 Indiana Avenue NW. Bridget Todd and her Facebook friends will be there too, battling the anti-gay brigade with some humor.

Todd said the plan is to "get out there with funny signs and counter protest the sh** out of them." (No one said counter protesters had to use nice language, right?) 

There are ways to avoid some of the commotion, however. The H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse opens at 8:30 a.m., so like Washington City Paper says, show up early to get into room #4485 and you may only catch the protesters (and counter protesters) on your way out the door. 

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