Garner's “Crazed” Stalker a Local Guy

Reading's own Steven Burky ordered to stay away from actress and her family

Jennifer Garner will probably keep Reading, Pa. off of her list of vacation spots in the future. That’s because it’s home to the man who has been stalking her and her family since 2002, according to court documents.

Steven R. Burky has been following Garner from coast-to-coast trying to talk to her about his vision from God. In Burky’s vision, the star was being persecuted and he believes the persecution may result in her death.

“Between 2002 and 2003, Mr. Burky engaged in obsessive and harassing behavior, posting about me on the Internet, sending me multiple packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts, and following me around the country,” Garner said in court documents.

Garner said Burky resurfaced earlier this year. She feels his behavior has become dangerous because he is showing up at her home.

The actress and her security manager filed a restraining order on November 7 in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of herself, husband Ben Affleck, daughter Violet and the couple’s personal assistants. Their nanny, housekeeper and groundskeeper were also included in the filing. You can read the entire filing by clicking here.

The “crazed Alias fan,” as he has called himself, has posted many messages on the Internet, sent her many cards and notes and pictures of himself.

“If everything and everyone in the Universe was just Jennifer Garner and only her and nothing else, then all would be right with the Universe and I would be happy!!!!! :)))),” Burky said in one online posting.

You can read all of Burky’s postings, cards and notes by clicking here (.pdf #1) and here (.pdf #2).

Christmas card sent to Garner by alleged stalker Burky

“You must all tell me if Jennifer Garner ever comes within 200 miles of Reading, Pa., so I can go where she is and fall over dead from witnessing her beauty personally…. :0),” Burky said in another post.

Steve, I think its safe to say she isn’t coming.

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