‘Flurry of Furries' Better Than It Sounds

Program from the Washington Humane Society, not something unsavory

There are so very many comments we could make about this. Involving those who attend a certain annual convention in Pittsburgh, for instance.

But we're going to try to keep it together. Because the Washington Humane Society is trying to do something good with its Flurry of Furries. Aww, cute animals! (Not people in full-body animal costumes! ...Why can't we stop thinking about this?!)

The society is promoting pet adoption during the cold months. Not... not that.

Adoptable pets are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, de-wormer and flea/tick treatment and microchipped. Adoptive "parents" also get a free starter bag of food, a goodie bag from Home Buddies DC, a free post-adoption exam at participating vets, and 30 free days of pet health insurance.

And all sorts of jokes about furries. No, wait. We didn't say that.

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