Seattle Fans Crow About Troubles in OKC

It's sad to see a newborn franchise wilt so quickly.

Things aren't terrific in Oklahoma City. The Thunder had trouble selling out the Ford Center early this season, though the sales team managed to fill the building for Wednesday's epic matchup with the similarly terrible Clippers. (Mad daps; that's the upset of the year so far.) But more fans in the house meant there was a bigger opportunity to disappoint. Falling behind an awful team by more than 20 points will do the trick: the Thunder heard their first home boos of the season.

It's hard to blame Seattle fans like SonicsCentral's Brian Robinson for crowing about the predicted reality in OKC.

Even I thought that the honeymoon would last longer than this. ... The biggest problem I see coming forward is that the franchise has no tools in place to get better. ... [B]ased on complaints about the in game product it sounds like they are trying hard to save money. Skimping on everything from mascots giving out T-Shirts to music, etc. Now they are in a situation where ownership had to make a Nov. 1 capital call from partners, [Aubrey] McClendon, [Tom] Ward, and [Clay] Bennett have completely lost their asses in the stock market and McClendon is even reportedly trying hard to sell his share of the team.

How can this team put out the money for major free agents? They know they will have to overpay to get a guy to play for the worst team in the least desirable city for an NBA player to live. ... It is stunning that it has fallen apart so quickly. I would have never, never expected them to have boos and critical articles written just 11 games into the season.

From Seattle, the sour grapes are perfectly understandable. For the rest of us, it's sad to see a newborn franchise wilt so effortlessly. Cap space and draft picks don't give you carte blanche, it appears.

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