John Daly Is Back in the News for Playing Good Golf, Not Being Drunk

by Shane Bacon

It sure isn't "John Daly comes out of nowhere to win the PGA Championship"-style news, but anything that doesn't involve Daly and too many brewskis is worth reporting.

Daly, who made a whopping five of 17 cuts this season on the PGA Tour, is actually in contention at the Hong Kong Open, firing a first-round 68 to find himself in a t-16 after day one. Daly opened with a sub-par 70 round twice all season in the U.S., so anything in the red at this point has to be a move in the right direction for the wing expert.

"I'm not too disappointed, being a little rusty. I haven't played in a month. Two under par on the first round here is pretty good. I'll take it" the 42-year-old American told reporters.

Daly made five birdies and three bogeys at the Hong Kong Golf Club and averaged a whopping 314 yards off the tee, which probably was made more manageable by his 10 of 14 fairways hit in the round.

His 2008 season has been absolutely pitiful, and the golfer now ranked 788 in the world understands that. In a way only Big John can make workable, he compared his season to ... Australia?!?

"My drought hasn't been quite as bad as Australia and the water situation, but it's been close. You just keep fighting and keep working on it.''

Interesting approach there for Daly, to compare his golf came to a liquid drought. There are almost too many beer jokes there to pick the right one. I almost went with, "the North Carolina Hooters can feel Australia's pain," but I thought it was too easy.

Anyway, there is your story. John Daly, back in the swing of things.

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