Erin Andrews' Demise Into an Entertainment Reporter Has Been Greatly Overexaggerated

by Will Brinson

There was a bunch of noise generated in the sports blogo-continent-sphere recently when Erin Andrews made it seem kind of known that she would be interested in *gasp* entertainment reporting. Essentially, she mentioned that she loved reading TMZ and People (who doesn't, right?) and that there was maybe/perhaps some possibility of her working in the entertainment reporting industry.

But, thankfully, that ain't happening, or at least Andrews told Chris Littmann of First Cuts as much in a recent interview.

CL: I read the SportsBusiness Daily interview where you briefly mentioned a career in entertainment as opposed to sports and you're a fan of TMZ. What would be the perfect role for you to switch to entertainment reporting?

EA: I don't want to switch. The one part of that article that they didn't put in there was I said I want to read TMZ and People when I want to get away from sports because I read about sports 24/7. So then it was this whole thing on the internet. "Oh my god, Erin Andrews going to Hollywood!" And it was like, "No, that's not what I said." I'm honestly one of the biggest tomboys there is and I love sports.

That's good news for us; without Andrews, what are we bloggers going to do? There are only so many top-10 lists and so many times you can compare players to movies or beers before things start reeeally getting played out.

No, but seriously, it's a good thing that EA isn't trying to jump ship on her current job -- she's very good at what she does, she's idolized by acne-ridden, pajama-pant wearing nerds everywhere, and frankly, I would be a little upset if I found out she secretly wanted to be the female Kevin Frazier.

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