Eastern Market Update: Slowly But Surely, It's Getting Built

Eastern Market Update: Slowly But Surely, It’s Getting Built was originally published on Housing Complex on Feb. 17, 2009, at 10:08 am

Just the other day I was wondering aloud about what was going on with the Eastern Market. 

Apparently we’re in the “Let the public choose some design aspect” phase. Yes, I believe that’s the technical term. 

As most know, the building was destroyed in an April 2007 fire.  The entire re-build is expected to be completed next year.

This morning, the Washington Post writes that D.C. residents are now being asked to comment on materials for the market’s streets. The asphalt road will be replaced. So now the question is: Cobblestone or Holland paver?

Scintillating dialogue follows in the story:

Wegrzyn has seen cobblestones buckle over tree roots. As a jogger, she said the stuff is dangerous. She didn’t want to turn an ankle. And for parents pushing strollers, cobblestones can be a nightmare.

“I love that we have brick sidewalks, but there needs to be a bigger effort toward their maintenance,” Wegrzyn said.

From there, Hunt and Wegrzyn went back and forth.

She, he said, might have to suffer for art. Cobblestones’ lumpiness “is part of the charm,” he said. Wegrzyn gave the stone a long look. “For the reasons you like it,” she pleasantly said to Hunt, “I don’t like it.” In her opinion, the Holland paver was more sleek, compressed and ideal.

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