Draft Day 2011: Redskins Big Question Mark

There's only one thing certain about the Redskins draft plans -- that nothing is certain.

The Redskins have only two draft picks in the first four rounds and many holes to fill. Mike Shanahan held a pre-draft press conference Wednesday, in which he managed to say a bunch of words that, in the end, said absolutely nothing to lift the veil.

The only thing he did say for sure was that they’ll avoid drafting the safety and tight end positions in the first two rounds. We’ll put that in the “Well, duh” folder.

The team has needs almost everywhere else. The defensive line could use beefing up, there are needs at wide receiver, and the quarterback situation is a disaster.

There have been many mock drafts predicting what the Redskins will do. Taking into account the possiblility of trading up (not likely), trading down (slightly more likely), the team could go in a few directions.

Here are some of the more popular predictions:


Rob Rang of NFLDraftScout.com has the Redskins taking Jake Locker with their first pick. “Shanahan is one of the few coaches with the authority (and guts) to pull the trigger on Locker this early.” Taking a risk with the number one pick is such a Redskins thing to do.

Jason LaCanfora predicts the team will move up in the draft in order to get Blaine Gabbert. But without picks to trade between rounds 2 and 5 in this draft and an unsuccessful track record of trading future picks, it’s pretty unlikely this will happen.

In perhaps the most shocking draft prediction, Brian Billick is predicting Cam Newton to fall to the 10th pick for the Redskins to grab. Why does he think this will happen? Better question, why is anyone asking Brian Billick to do a mock draft?

Wide Receiver
Chad Reuter, also of NFLDraftScout.com disagrees, predicting Shanahan to pick Julio Jones, to “help out whoever is taking snaps.” Whoever, indeed. It’s like the football version of the chicken/egg debate. Or cart before horse. Whatever.

WalterFootball.com, Adam Caplan, and Peter Schrager all agree on the Julio Jones pick.


Peter King has the Skins taking defensive end Robert Quinn. A pass rusher to play opposite Brian Orakpo is a big priority. If Quinn falls to number 10, this would be a prudent choice for the team to make.

We could look at 50 more mock drafts, but the bottom line is that Thursday night will come with a few surprises. Players fall, trades are made and, with the Redskins, anything is possible. 

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