What's Wrong With Mount P?

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So the Post reports in the latest Paul Schwartzman development piece. Is anyone else surprised that the coffee shop has survived this long? I never see anyone in the shop during the week. Only on the weekend is it packed with customers either waiting in line for bad coffee or sitting at tables waiting for kinda gross food.

I’m not sure this has anything to do with Schwartzman’s premise that Mount Pleasant is suffering a downturn because the neighborhood is a) too close to the Columbia Heights big boxes; b) filled with rabid NIMBYs; c) saddled with recovering from that massive apartment fire d) filled with opposing views of residents who either want a Red Derby or a McDonald’s.

Mount P certainly has suffered. It has become way more known for fighting over music than having cool places to eat or shop. The best hangout is still the Raven (which is totally fine) and Heller’s and Haydee’s.There are very few reasons for residents outside of the neighborhood to come visit and spend their money.

In fact, there are very few reasons for Mount P residents to shop on the main drag. There is no doubt that the Target and the shops/restaurants around the Target are drawing residents from Mount P. I see that every weekend. It’s this great migration across 16th.

So what do you think needs to happen in Mount Pleasant?

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