New BET Series to Give DJs in DC More Respect

S. Fitum

A DC nightlife fixture for the past 15 years, DJ Stylus is most definitely ready for his close-up.

That's good because the new BET reality series "Master of the Mix" will shine a bright spotlight on the DJ's craft, and the spinners behind the tables.

“You don’t just have to know the technical aspects and the music to deejay, you have to be able to feel the vibe of the people and to read them,” Stylus told Niteside at Wednesday's premiere party for the show at Lux Lounge. “It’s your job to make the people have a good time from beginning to end."

For all that hard work, Stylus sometimes feels under appreciated.

“Some DC nightclubs don’t pay as much attention as they should when it comes to choosing a DJ to spin at their venue,” Stylus said. “A great DJ is crucial to the success of any party -- if the music sucks so will everything else.”

When it comes to DJs getting more respect in the District, Stylus isn't sure how to change it over night, but he knows something must be done and he's hoping the BET search for the country's top turntablist will help.

"I think we can start right here with our own nightlife," he said. "Venues most certainly have the means and when they realize how valuable the actual musical experience is, we'll be unstoppable."

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