Dish Of Salt: Secrets From The ‘True Blood' Finale

So, right now I am clearly vampire obsessed — between my new “Twilight” “fiancé” Robert Pattinson and my thirst for all things “True Blood” on HBO, I am knee deep in blood suckers. Not that this is a bad thing. Well, except now that I have seen “Twilight” already and “True Blood” is heading towards its finale this weekend where will I get my vamp fix?!

I’ll be going through withdrawal at least until summer when “True Blood’ returns for Season 2. For now, I will have to make do with the fact that I got to pick the brain of the “True Blood” trio of Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten today for a little sneak peek into the season finale airing Sunday night on HBO — that’s Tara Thornton, Sam Merlotte and Jason Stackhouse for all you vampire haters who have yet to find this little gem of a show (or are too cheap to pay for HBO!).

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So lets get down to the bloody business of breaking down the finale. When we last we saw Tara she was bailed out of jail by a mysterious woman by the name of Maryann Forrester who claimed to be a social worker. Yes “True” fans, she was the same woman who was naked in the road with a pig that caused a drunken Tara to run off the road. So, why didn’t Tara realize this was the same creepster woman who came to rescue her from the clink?

“She was too drunk to notice” according to Rutina.

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Really? Now Tara has always been one of the smartest characters on the show so why did she allow this stranger to steal her away? “I think you are going to maybe see Tara be saved a little bit.” Rutina revealed. “This woman is saying let me wash your clothes, let me take care of you and Tara is at rock bottom and needs that.”

Of course, we will find out that Maryann is not who she says she is, “She’s shady,” Rutina said. “This lady is going to become a really big part of the show and her shady business with the pigs will be revealed. There is a lot going on in episode twelve.”

Speaking of jail, this week Jason Stackhouse woke up from a V induced drug haze and found a dead girlfriend in bed next to him. (I hate when that happens!) He convinced himself that he must be the killer and winds up turning himself in to the Bon Temps police.

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“He can see no other possibility” Ryan told me about his belief that he is in fact a murderer.

But will he stay locked up for long? Ryan’s not divulging.

Let’s hope he gets out soon.

With Amy out of the picture it only means Jason can get back to his womanizing ways. Although it might not be right away according to Ryan, “Jason has to get his life back on track without any distractions but I certainly don’t think he’s taking a vow of abstinence,” he told me.


Meanwhile, while Tara was in jail, her sex buddy Sam Merlotte was getting a little too close for comfort to her best friend Sookie Stackhouse who now knows he is a shape shifter. Vampire Bill caught him in the act of smooching Sookie which led to a heated battle. Sam (the actor, not the shape shifter) tells me the finale will feature more tension between him and Bill.

We finally learned that Arlene’s man Renee is in fact the killer though the writers certainly made it seem like Sam could be the culprit.

“I think that was the plan. There were a number of red herrings thrown out there,” according to Sam, “I don’t think anyone was counting on it, but I do think Alan [Ball, the show creator] was hoping people might view me as a mysterious and perhaps suspicious character.”

So, we know Sam is a shape shifter but Rutina says there will be more to his story that will be revealed. Sam confirms this is true.

“The writers are coming up with a lot of that right now as we speak, but yes, Sam has a colorful past, hints of which will be revealed Sunday night. It was a long road from being 16 and abandoned to opening Merlotte’s bar in Bon Temps.”

And finally…spoiler alert… Sam spills the beans that besides multiple cliffhangers in the finale their will be at least one death – “A juicy one” he promises.

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