Richards' “Funbags” Cause Headache For SoBe Business

Incredibly, someone who doesn't like vixen Denise Richards' most beloved assets

Let's start by saying that this is absolutely hilarious.

Denise Richards was trying to make fun of herself in a parody that continually references her famous funbags and it worked in a well done commercial spoof.

The only problem is the internet clip tells people to call 1-800-FUNBAGS to get an order of her tasty treats. That number when dialed actually rings to a South Beach Luggage Gallery, which has been bombarded by Richard's fans trying to get a hold of the fictitious funbags.

The funbags Richards is pretending to sell are actually nothing more than party favors in decorated paper bags. At the end of the commercial she does say the first 50 callers get a picture of her boobs, which we're sure got the phone lines ringing off the hook.

The owner of the luggage company sent an e-mail to the website hosting the video,, demanding the video be taken down or else, the Miami Herald reported.

Now we have the answer to what it would take for a man to object to Richards' funbags.

The clip is still up on the site so maybe Richards' people haven't received the memo.

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