Dear Abby: Should I Take Advice From My Neighborhood Listserv?

Cleveland Park gets its own advice columnist. Dear Lady: How yuppie are we?

The other day, City Paper asked: Is Cleveland Park dead?

Well, this blogger submits that it can’t be, even if the Starbucks and 7-Eleven did close. Because its neighborhood listserv -- #1 in CP’s “Best of D.C.” issue -- now has its own advice columnist! And she, like, used to dole out advice at Playboy U, the ULTIMATE online campus!  

In between requests for good kennels, sale postings for oversized chairs, notices about water shut-offs, and complaints about the secret machinations of the Cleveland Park Citizens Association, you can ask Kelli Miller, a licensed social worker not from Cleveland Park, all your most personal questions -- and then have your neighbors wondering if it was you who wrote in and said your wife is no longer attracted to you, what should you do.

Miller’s bio says she has appeared as an expert on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 198 -- that’s the Playboy channel -- and in three independent films (which ones?) and three commercials (for what?). She has also contributed to a number of publications, including This Old House magazine, the Jewish Exponent and something called the Independent Florida Alligator, which would be much funnier if it weren’t a student newspaper at the University of Florida.

Cleveland Park says it’s the only neighborhood listserv in the country with its own Dear Abby, so start spilling your guts. To send a question, email Kelli at

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