White House Isn't Taking Your Calls for Now

WASHINGTON — For years, volunteers staffed the White House comments line, but apparently not any more. Since before Inauguration Day, if you call 202-456-1111, you will get a recording that states that the line is “currently closed.”

The recording directs you to a comments page on the White House website or asks that you use Facebook Messenger. But the tape offers no instructions about reaching that Facebook page. The only trouble is: There are no “message” options on The White House page or President Donald Trump’s old personal page.

Several websites have criticized the Trump administration for the demise of the comments line. But The Washington Times reports that the line “apparently hasn’t been operational for weeks.”

The White House comment page does offer alternatives. While the page encourages you to use email, it doesn’t offer up an email address. Instead, you’re linked to a form within the White House site.

It also suggests you go ultra-old-school and write a letter. Apparently drawing from experience, the site suggests you type your letter on an 8 ½-by-11-inch sheet of paper. And, if you’re handwriting that note, the White House encourages the use of a pen and to write as neatly as possible.

WTOP emailed the White House asking for comment on the comments line and tried to call the Press Office, but the long-time phone number for the press office is, itself, out of service. Press officials have told reporters to inquire via email.

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