US-born Panda Bao Bao Makes First Public Appearance in China

DUJIANGYAN, China (AP) — American-born giant panda Bao Bao has made her first appearance before the public in southwestern China following her move there from Washington, D.C.

Bao Bao was born at the National Zoo in Washington to pandas on loan from China. Under the standard loan agreement, such panda cubs must be returned to China before they are 4 years old, the earliest age at which they might begin breeding.

The 3-year-old Bao Bao on Friday explored her spacious new enclosure at the panda breeding base in the city of Dujiangyan, with both indoor and outdoor play areas.

Keepers have been helping her adapt to local bamboo and Chinese steamed bread made from corn, soybeans, rice and eggs. She is the 11th panda to be born overseas and returned to China.

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