Trump Details Goals for First 100 Days in White House

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump delivered a scathing speech aimed at undercutting Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, but the presumptive GOP nominee also took some time to sketch out some of his top priorities if he’s elected to the White House.

“There is one common theme in all of these reforms: It’s going to be America first,” Trump said of his priorities.

A quick look at what Trump said he hopes to accomplish in the first 100 days of his administration, with some details on the challenges he’ll face to do so:


— Trump says he would “appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution of the United States.” He claims a President Hillary Clinton would, in contrast, appoint “radical judges” intent on weakening the Second Amendment. Federal judges have lifetime appointments to the bench, which means Trump can only fill vacancies as they arise. Even then, his picks must be confirmed by the Senate.

— Trump says he would change the nation’s immigration rules “to give unemployed Americans an opportunity to fill good — really good — paying jobs.” His plans on how he would accomplish this are vague, and existing law requires employers in many cases to prove they can’t find an American worker to do a particular job before an immigrant can receive a visa.

— Trump says he will “stand up to countries that cheat on trade, of which there are many” and will “cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas and everywhere else but our country.” Critics have warned that approach would spark trade wars and increase the cost of consumer goods. Trump argues that a proliferation of new jobs would make up for any price increases.

— Trump says he’ll lift restrictions on energy production, increasing domestic production to lower the country’s dependence on foreign fuel. To do so, Trump would have to improve on the country’s current record-setting level of production, which many in the GOP say could be accomplished by opening up more public lands to drilling and mining.

— Trump says he’ll repeal and replaced president Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which he pans as a “total disaster.” Trump has said his alternative will be cheaper and offer better care, but has yet to lay out a specific plan, saying at one point it will be “something terrific.”

— Trump says he’ll “pass massive tax reform” aimed at creating millions of new jobs and lowering taxes “for everyone.” Trump unveiled a plan during the primary that many experts said would balloon the federal deficit, although he’s said since that he’s open to revisions. Any tax reform plan would also require legislation in Congress; Trump can’t pass it on his own.

— Trump also took a dig at Clinton, the former secretary of state, vowing to “impose tough new ethics rules to restore dignity to the office of the secretary of state.” That assignment would likely fall to Trump’s choice to serve as the nation’s top diplomat, a pick that will also be subject to the “advice and consent” of the Senate.

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