Summer 2016 Weather Recap: A Hot One, With a Few Serious Storms (Photos)

WASHINGTON — Summer 2016 began on June 20 at 6:24 p.m. EDT and ended Sept. 22 at 10:21 a.m. EDT. By any measure, it was a hot season, with several long heat waves and even record-challenging high temperatures within those heat waves.

D.C. reached 100 degrees on July 25 — the first time it has been that hot since July 26, 2012, and that was one of four times the high for D.C. was 100 or above.

The National Weather Service issued Heat Advisories for the D.C. metro area three times in July, then four more times in August; two comparatively rare Excessive Heat Warnings were issued in August, as it wasn’t just very hot, but also exceptionally humid.

There were a few severe weather outbreaks, but not a lot of precipitation in the overall area — especially not at the official measuring spot: Reagan National Airport.

Luckily, there was just enough rain, and the groundwater levels did well enough from the winter’s storms, that we were able to avoid official drought conditions. But September has been dry, and we are definitely starting out fall with a need for some good, soaking rain throughout the entire area.

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