Residents Told to Prepare for Possibility of Flooding

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Residents in flood-prone areas of Fairfax County are being told to be careful and watch the weather forecast closely during rains that are expected to last through Friday, bringing downed trees and power lines and closing roads.

“Drive slowly and cautiously, and please don’t drive through flooded areas,” said county spokesman Brian Worthy. “Our emergency operations [are] activated in a monitoring phase, and we’re keeping a close eye on the roads and the possibility of flooding.”

County officials said the Belle View/New Alexandria areas could see some street flooding, particularly near the intersection of Olde Town and Wood Haven roads.

People in the Huntington community were told to prepare for more serious conditions.

“We sent out a message to those residents specifically warning them to be on the lookout and be prepared to take action if an evacuation was ordered,” Worthy said.

Those who live in neighborhoods where flooding has been an issue in the past are urged to move vehicles to higher elevations, try to avoid parking under trees and move important items out of the basement to an upper level.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service has released a list of “target hazards” for street flooding:

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