Public Can Vote on Name for Maryland Zoo's Baby Giraffe

WASHINGTON — While D.C. says goodbye to Bao Bao, Baltimore is saying hello to a baby giraffe born this month that has yet to be named. The Maryland Zoo has a list of name options that people can vote on until Thursday morning.

The choices, according to the zoo’s website, include:

  • Dottie, because of a dot-shaped spot above each hoof;
  • Opal, a name from Sanskrit meaning “jewel”;
  • Ruby, “because she’s a rare and precious gem”;
  • Willow, “willow trees are slender and graceful like the calf will be — or already is!”;
  • Safara, a name of African origin meaning “fire”;
  • Imara, a name from Swahili meaning “strong,” “resolute.”

The female reticulated giraffe calf was born Feb. 6 to Juma, 4, and Caesar, 11. The soon-to-be-named giraffe is 6 feet 1 inch and is the first giraffe born at the zoo in over 20 years.

Online voting runs until 8 a.m. Thursday. Stay tuned for the winning name, announced later in the week.

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